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Dr. Aaron H Devor

Dr. Aaron H Devor is professor of sociology, former Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Founder and Academic Director of the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria, Canada. Dr. Devor specializes in the study of gender, sex, and sexuality in transgender people. His first book, Gender Blending: Confronting the Limits of Duality, coined the phrase Gender Blending, and examined the social construction of gender in society and its implications for the lives of females whose gender presentations mixed masculinity, femininity, and other characteristics to the point that their gender was not always recognizable to observers. Devor's second book, FTM: Female-to-Male Transsexuals in Society, provided a detailed, compassionate, intimate, and incisive portrait of the life experiences of 45 transmen and suggested theoretical frameworks for understanding the interplay of gender, sex, and sexuality. His more recent research focussed on Reed Erickson, a transman and founder of the Erickson Educational Foundation, who was instrumental in bringing issues of transgender and gay rights into public awareness during the mid-twentieth century. Currently, Dr. Devor is actively building more depth and breadth in what is already the world's largest Transgender Archives. Dr. Devor is an accomplished public lecturer who has made numerous appearances in person, on television and radio, and in print media. He is available for research, consultation, and educational work concerning trans* issues.


University of Washington
Simon Fraser University
York University
Ph.D. in Sociology
M.A. in Communications
B.A. in Psychology

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