Financial Institutions Summer School:

"Financial Institutions in the 21st Century"


JUNE 18 − 21, 2010

University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada

The global financial crisis and its impact on the real economy have taught us that we have yet a lot to learn about financial institutions. What role do banks and other financial intermediaries play? How exactly do intermediaries interact with financial markets? Are hedge funds and liquidity dark pools a curse or a blessing? And, how do we best regulate financial intermediaries and markets? Just prior to the Western Finance Association 2010 Annual Meeting in Victoria, FISS 2010 intends to provide a stimulating learning environment for PhD students, junior faculty, and other young researchers who wish to take up these challenging research questions impressed upon as the dust of the global economic crisis is slowly settling.

Held on the beautiful campus of the University of Victoria the summer school participants will enjoy lectures of four leading scholars in the field as well as four more junior scholars to learn about what we know about financial institutions, and what questions have yet to be answered by the current generation of scholars and policy makers. Participants will have ample chance to get to know each other through the three summer school lunches and dinners as well as through up to eight 15-minute presentations of the summer school participants.

FISS 2010 is offered by the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria from June 18 to June 21, 2010. It is organized by Dr. Paul Schure, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria.

FISS 2010 is made possible by the financial support of The European Union Centre of Excellence at the University of Toronto and the University of Victoria. FISS 2010 also benefits from the support of the Department of Economics, the Office of the VP Research, and the Faculty of Social Sciences at UVic. Finally, we have benefited from the encouragement of the Board of the Western Finance Association.