University of Victoria, BC, Canada UVic Calendar 2011-2012
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The University of Victoria Calendar 2011-2012

Welcome to the University of Victoria's online Calendar. The Calendar is the official guide to all programs, services and regulations of the University. This online version contains the same information as that published in the print version.

Please call the University Bookstore 250-721-8311 to inquire if there are any undergraduate or graduate print copies available. The Bookstore currently has very few copies remaining.

PDF versions of the printed calendars can be downloaded by clicking on the following links: Undergraduate Calendar (7.7MB); Graduate Calendar (4.5MB).

The online calendar is updated mid-year every year and is now up-to-date. Click on the links to download a PDF version of the Undergraduate Supplement or Graduate Supplement for the print editions of the calendar.

Previous online calendar editions are available through the links below:


The University of Victoria operates under the authority of the University Act (RSBC 1996 c. 468) which provides for a Convocation, Board of Governors, Senate and Faculties. The University Act describes the powers and responsibilities of those bodies, as well as the duties of the officers of the University. Copies of this Act are held in the University Library.

The official academic year begins on May 1. Changes in Calendar regulations normally take effect May 1 each year unless otherwise approved by the Senate. Nevertheless the University reserves the right to revise or cancel at any time any rule or regulation published in this Calendar or its supplements. The Calendar is published annually in the Spring by the Office of the Registrar, Student Affairs, under authority granted by the Senate of the University.


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