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Program Admissions

Applicants from Secondary School

Students must apply separately to the department of Theatre and to Undergraduate Admissions for acceptance to the University. The deadline for applications to the department of Theatre and to Undergraduate Admissions is February 28. There is a Questionnaire and Admissions Package to be submitted as part of the Theatre application. Details can be obtained on the website at <>.

Transcripts in progress should be sent to Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible. Final transcripts are due in Undergraduate Admissions by May 31. Details may be obtained from the Secretary of the department of Theatre.

Deferred enrolment is not permitted. Any student who declines admission and wishes to enter the department at a later date must re-apply following the above-stated admission procedures.

Transfers from Other Universities and Colleges

Applicants transferring from other institutions should follow the admission procedure described in the preceding paragraph. Transfer students may be requested to attend an interview and/or audition (and therefore make a campus visit). These visits usually take place during a weekend in March or April.

Transfer credit from BC community colleges will be assigned according to the equivalencies set out on the BCCAT website at <> for the year in which the courses were completed. Transfer credit for Theatre courses completed at other accredited institutions is determined by the department and Undergraduate Admissions. This credit and the department admission procedures will determine into which year of studies the student will be accepted.

Acceptance into the department of Theatre by either of the above routes is subject to an annual review of the student’s progress by the department Chair in consultation with the appropriate advisory committee.

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