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Program Requirements

Requirements Common to All Programs (Comprehensive and Specialist)

To graduate with a BFA in Theatre, students must complete 60 units of course work, of which at least 30 units must be in Theatre and no fewer than 15 of which must be outside electives. The one exception to this requirement is the Specialist Option in Acting. This option requires no fewer than 12 units of outside electives. At the 300 or 400 level, students must take at least 21 units, 15 of which must be in Theatre. All programs require a minimum of 4.5 senior level Theatre History courses.

Designated Theatre History courses are THEA 309A, 309B, 310, 311, 312, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 328, 362, 363, 390, 391, 410, 411, 414.

Students planning to go into Education should check with the Faculty of Education Advising Services regarding requirements.

Required courses for all department of Theatre programs are outlined further on.

Admission to Specific Courses

The number of students who are eligible for Theatre courses may exceed the places available. Students should understand that eligibility does not guarantee them admission into specific courses. To gain entry into courses, students must be prepared to meet departmental attendance regulations, must not be overenrolled and must pay any fees or fines that may affect university standing. Students must attend all classes including the first. If they do not attend the second class in a course with a limited enrolment, they may be deregistered.

Students Please Note: If you do not attend the second class in a course you must contact the instructor to get permission to remain in the class. If you do not get permission from the instructor, you may be removed from the course.

Requirements Common to All Theatre Specializations

All Theatre students, regardless of their eventual area of specialization, are required to take a common first-year program.

Year 1
THEA 105 3.0
THEA 111 1.5
THEA 112 1.5
THEA 120 3.0
FA 101 1.5
THEA 1321 3.0
Electives* 1.5-4.5
Total: 15.0

* 3.0 units of English electives must be taken. 1.5 units of credit in English must be taken before 30 units of credit are completed.

1. Taken if considering Specialist Option in Applied Theatre.


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