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Program Admissions

Applicants from Secondary School

Applicants from secondary schools must complete the usual procedures for admission to the University (see this page) and must select the B.F.A. Visual Arts degree program option. Application deadline is February 28. The department further requires that the following materials be submitted directly to the Visual Arts department (deadline March 9) for review by the selection committee:

  • a Visual Arts questionnaire (downloadable from the application site) completed by hand
  • a portfolio of still images or a combination of images and video. (Consult the Visual Arts website for details regarding portfolio submission.)

Transcripts in progress should be sent to Undergraduate Admissions on application. Final transcripts are due by May 31.

Transfers from Other Institutions

The application procedure is generally the same as that specified for applicants from secondary school (see above).

Transfer credit will be assigned as listed in the BC Transfer Guide, or evaluated as necessary. Final transcripts for transfer students are due in Undergrad Admissions by May 31.

Note: Students will normally not be admitted into third- and fourth-year studio courses until their out-of-department elective requirements for the first and second year have been met. Transfer students must take ART 102 in their first year in the Visual Arts Department.

Transfers from Other UVic Faculties

Transfer applicants from other faculties should complete the usual procedures for re-registration as specified on this page. Portfolio and questionnaire submissions are the same for all applicants as described above.

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