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Program Admissions

Applicants from Other Institutions

Transfer credit in writing courses does not necessarily satisfy UVic’s Writing requirements. The prerequisite for all second-year workshops is WRIT 100 with a minimum of B+ (75-79). Few are given permission to bypass this course, but students with a minimum of 12 post-secondary units may apply for Advanced Standing by submitting a portfolio of written work, a list of relevant courses completed, and a letter outlining their suitability. Only portfolios received between January 15 and March 31 will be considered. (See the department of Writing website <> or contact the departmental office for more details.) Recipients of Advanced Standing are advised that they must meet all the University’s admission requirements. Advanced Standing does not guarantee acceptance to the University or to any of the department’s classes.

Transfer credit for courses expressed in the BC Transfer Guide as WRIT 100-level does not satisfy WRIT 100.

Applicants for a Second Degree

Each year, a limited number of students are permitted to enter the program to work towards a second degree: BFA or BA. A minimum of two years of further study is required. Applicants who cannot produce a manuscript of sufficient quality to allow them entry into a third-year workshop may require three or four years to complete their program (see Second Bachelor's Degree). Only portfolios received between January 15 and March 31 each year will be considered.

Admission to Specific Courses

Although the programs offered by the Writing department are mainly intended for students who have shown some ability as writers, a number of lecture courses are also included which may be of interest and value to all students.

Since the number of candidates who meet the minimum requirements for eligibility exceeds the places available, students should understand that eligibility does not guarantee them admission into specific courses or programs in Writing. To gain entry into courses, students must be prepared to meet departmental attendance regulations, must not be overenrolled and must pay any fees or fines that may affect university standing. Students must attend all classes, including the first. If they do not attend the second class in a course with a limited enrolment (e.g., all workshops), they will be deregistered.

Second, Third and Fourth Year Workshops

Students require a grade of B+ or higher in WRIT 100 to advance into second year workshops. These are minimal standards and do not guarantee admission.

No student will be permitted to take more than 1.5 units of workshops in a single genre per term, or more than 3.0 units of workshops in any given term. Special and Directed Studies courses are designed for those teaching situations which cannot be covered in regular workshops. No writing projects which might be covered in a regular workshop will be permitted within such special courses.

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