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Faculty Admissions

The Gustavson School of Business Bachelor of Commerce program admits students into the first, second and third year. Each admission point has specific admission criteria that applicants must meet; see entry under Admission Categories and Deadlines. Because of the international nature of the program, a portion of the available positions is intended for international students. Gustavson recognizes the unique needs of international students and offers many services and program enhancements to address those needs.

Entry to the Bachelor of Commerce program is in September only for each year. The program commences with the BCom program core, a full-time, cohort-based set of required courses in the third year. Normally, about 240 students are admitted to the BCom program core every year.

The structure of the program requires that students have completed 30 units of Pre-Commerce course work, including the required courses listed below, to standards as outlined below before they will be registered in the Bachelor of Commerce Program core courses.

Students should be aware that they will be required to complete a total of 60 units of course work to obtain a UVic degree, including 30 units of Pre-Commerce course work. Any outstanding Pre-Commerce course work must be completed as a condition for entering the BCom program core.

Graduates of Hospitality Management diploma programs should refer to the admissions requirements described under “Admission Requirements for Graduates of Hospitality Management programs.”

Admission to UVic from High School

Applicants from High School must be admissible to UVic (see "Year 1 Admission Requirements"). Applicants from High School must follow the admission procedures as outlined in the Admission Categories and Deadlines section.

Admission to UVic from BC Community Colleges and other Universities

Applicants from BC community colleges and universities must first be admitted to UVic. Students must have a minimum of 12 units of transferable credit to be considered for admission to UVic and the BCom program. Transfer credit should address the admission requirements as described under the admission section entitled Year 2 Entry (First Year College or University Students) or the section entitled Year 3 (Direct Entry) Admission.

Transfer credit will be limited to 4.5 units of Commerce credit for the purposes of calculating the cumulative Pre-Commerce grade point average and calculating the applicant’s Pre-Commerce course units. Students transferring from BC community colleges or university colleges should consult the BC Transfer Credit Guide at <> for assistance in determining the transferability of courses.

Additional information regarding areas of study and program updates is available through the Gustavson School of Business website at <>.

Students attending any business, commerce, or business administration diploma or degree program will be considered along with all other applicants and must have completed the requirements for admission as outlined below.

Current and Returning UVic Students

Current and returning UVic students who apply but are not admitted to the Gustavson BCom program will normally, if eligible, be authorized for study in their previous faculty. New applicants to UVic who are not admitted to the program and who wish to be considered for any other faculty should contact Admissions or Records Services.

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