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Division of Medical Sciences

Dr. Oscar G. Casiro, MD, FRCPC, Head, Division of Medical Sciences (UVic),
Regional Associate Dean, Vancouver Island, Faculty of Medicine (UBC)
Bruce Crawford, BSc (UVic), PhD (Wash), MD (UBC), Professor
Brian Christie, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Otago), Associate Professor
Craig Brown, BA (Man), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Calgary), Assistant Professor
Patrick Nahirney, BSc (Wash.St.), MSc, PhD (UBC), Assistant Professor
Leigh Anne Swayne, BSc (Guelph), PhD (Calgary), Assistant Professor
Stan Bardal, BA, BSc (Pharm), MBA, PhD (U of S), Senior Instructor
Jane Gair, BSc (McMaster), BSc (UBC), PhD (UBC), Senior Instructor
Kurt McBurney, B Ed (Malaspina University), M.A. (UVic), Senior Instructor

Cross-Listed Faculty

Robert Burke, BSc, PhD (Alta), Professor
Michael Hayes, BA (McMaster), MSc (McMaster), PhD (McMaster), Professor
Paul Zehr, BSc (McMaster), MSc (McMaster), PhD (U of A), Professor
Michele Martin, DVM (Guelph), B.Com (U of T), Associate Professor
Stephanie Willerth, BSc (MIT), MSc, PhD (Wash. Univ St. Louis), Assistant Professor

Website: <>

The Division of Medical Sciences is a newly established and rapidly growing program at the University of Victoria that promotes scholarship and innovation in research and medical education to address societal health needs. With a strong emphasis on neuroscience based research, faculty members within the Division, working with the Departments of Biology, Psychology, Biochemistry and Microbiology, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, developed the University of Victoria’s first graduate program in Neuroscience (see <>). The goal of the program is to create an environment with superior training in Neuroscience that will position graduate students to become future leaders in this field of research, in addition to being well-trained medical educators.

A select number of Division Courses are available to UVic students. Please see the MEDS course listings for details.

Island Medical Program

Website: <>

The Island Medical Program is an integral part of the University of British Columbia’s medical school expansion aimed at increasing the number of medical students, in collaboration with the University of Victoria (UVic) and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), through an innovative model of distributed education. All students will be fully registered at UBC and will receive UBC degrees. Each year, 288 students are admitted to the UBC MD Undergraduate Program: 32 to the Island Medical Program (IMP) at UVic, 32 to the Northern Medical Program (NMP) at UNBC, 32 to the Southern Medical Program (SMP) at UBC-0, and 192 to the Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program (VFMP) at UBC.

Students in the IMP spend the first four months of their undergraduate medical program in Vancouver and the remainder of the first two years at UVic. During the clinical third and fourth years of the program, students will have the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in hospital and community-based clinical settings as a result of partnerships with the Vancouver Island Health Authority and many island-based physicians. After successfully completing the four-year MD undergraduate program, graduates enter residency training across Canada in one of over 50 specialty areas. Post-graduate training ranges from two to six years.


Applications for admission are considered from candidates who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who have completed all other application requirements, as outlined on the UBC Faculty of Medicine Admissions website: <>.

Applications are submitted to the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.

Advising is available at UVic through <>.


Island Medical Program students will be fully registered at UBC and will be subject to the academic regulations of UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, including regulations concerning course content, grading, progression and graduation. Official transcripts will be issued by UBC.

Students studying in the Island Medical Program will have full access to student support services at the University of British Columbia, including awards and financial aid. Further information is available at <>.

Affiliate Status

Students in the Island Medical Program will be granted “Affiliate” status at UVic. Affiliate status allows IMP students to access UVic libraries and the following UVic-based campus services: Athletics and Recreation, Health, Counselling, Child Care, Chaplains, the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability (by arrangement with the UBC centre) and Housing.

UVic non-academic policies and procedures will govern IMP student conduct on the UVic campus.

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