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Vice-President Research

Howard Brunt, BA (Florida), ADN (Vermont), MScN (Yale), PhD (Calgary), Vice-President, Research
Dr. Michael Miller, Associate Vice-President, Research
Dr. Rachael Scarth, MA, PhD (Cambridge), Associate Vice-President, Research Operations

The Office of the Vice-President Research (through the Office of Research Services) assists the University research community in obtaining funding from external agencies and administers research, conference and travel funds through internal support programs. The Office is also responsible for the regulation of research activities through the Animal Care Committee and the Human Research Ethics Board. The Office operates the Animal Care Units and the Aquatic Research Facility following the Guidelines of the Canada Council on Animal Care. Grants facilitation assistance in applications for research grants and contracts includes identifying potential funding agencies, providing information on application procedures and advising on the preparation of proposals. Assistance with negotiating research contracts and agreements is provided in the Office.

The Office of the Vice-President Research works in close collaboration with the following groups and oversees the activities of the University’s 17 interdisciplinary research centres.

Website: <>

UVic Industry Partnership (IP) <>

IP is the University Industry Liaison Office and provides faculty and students with a comprehensive suite of services related to intellectual property protection, product commercialization, business development and industry collaboration.

Ocean Networks Canada Observatory (ONC) <>

ONC is a not-for-profit society created by UVic in 2007 to oversee the development and operation of the UVic-owned Ocean Networks Canada Observatory, made up of the NEPTUNE Canada ocean network and the VENUS coastal network. ONC is also responsible for the ONC Centre for Enterprise and Engagement (ONCCEE), a federal centre of excellence in commercialization and research which promotes commercial applications and public outreach based on the observatory programs.

Office of Community Based Research (OCBR) <>

OCBR provides support and leadership for assisting community stakeholders and university researchers to collaborate on research related to addressing social and economic challenges facing society.

The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC) <>

PCIC is a consortium of research and stakeholder organizations that quantifies the impacts of climate change and variability on the physical environment of Pacific North America. PCIC bridges the gap between climate research and climate applications, and makes practical information available to government, industry, and the public.

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