University of Victoria, BC, Canada UVic Calendar 2012-2013
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The University of Victoria

Generic Goals of a University Education

Higher Learning

Higher learning develops comprehension and appreciation of human knowledge and creative expression in their diverse manifestations and cultural contexts. Such development takes place both within and across specific disciplines.

Habits of Thought

Higher learning encourages habits of analytical, critical and strategic thought. These habits are characterized by respect for facts, ethical awareness and wise judgement in human affairs.

Discovery and Creativity

Higher learning stimulates discovery and creativity in scholarly, scientific, artistic and professional activity. This stimulus drives the acquisition of knowledge and its dissemination to others.

Forms of Communication

Transmission of knowledge to others assumes lucid and coherent communication, in both traditional and innovative forms, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Modes of expression may include the written, oral, auditory, visual and digital.

Extended Learning

Learning is the work of a lifetime. University education generates the desire for further growth while providing a field of intellectual and practical opportunities for later fulfillment.

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