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8.0 Teacher Education Admissions

The admission requirements specific to each undergraduate teacher education program are listed under each program’s description.

Application and document submission deadlines are listed in the table on this page.

8.1 Written English Competency Requirement

All students must satisfy the written English competency requirement prior to admission, except for students applying to the Bachelor of Education (Secondary Curriculum) Degree program, who must satisfy the written English competency requirement before acceptance into their professional year (5th year).

The requirement is normally satisfied in one of the following ways:

  1. Completion of ENGL 135, 215, 225, or 400 with a grade of 4.0 or better.
  2. Completion of 3.0 units of approved English literature with a grade-point average of 4.0 or better. Notwithstanding, a student who receives a grade of 3.0 or less in any composition course will have his or her record individually reviewed by the manager of teacher education.

Students who wish to have other work considered may appeal to the faculty appeals and adjudication committee (FAAC).

8.2 Acceptance Deposit

An acceptance fee of $150.00 is required from all students upon their acceptance of a place in a teacher education program. This fee will be credited towards student fees at the beginning of the program. A student who withdraws from the program at least 30 days before the start date of the program will be refunded $100.00 of the acceptance deposit. A student who withdraws from the program within 30 days of the start date of the program will receive no refund.

8.3 Teacher Applicants

Qualified teachers, whose initial preparation led to teacher certification but not to an undergraduate degree, who now wish to complete a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Victoria should consult an academic adviser.

Existing programs can be modified on the basis of previous university-level course work and experience. The manager of teacher education programs will determine what credit, from UVic or other institutions, may be applied to the degree program. Those whose studies commenced more than 10 years ago are also referred to Limitations of Credit for Certificated Teachers.

Applications must be made in the normal manner to UVic Undergraduate Admissions or Records.

8.4 Criminal Record Check

While not a requirement for admission, students must complete a Criminal Record Check in compliance with the BC Criminal Record Review Act before they can be placed in a field experience. Students are responsible for providing authorization for the review to the Field Experience Office upon request. Students who do not complete the review will not be permitted to undertake field experience. Costs related to the review are the responsibility of the individual student. Contact the Field Experience Office for more information.

Students with criminal convictions are advised to contact the manager of field experience and the BC Ministry of Education for clarification of their status before undertaking a teacher education program.

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