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Greek and Roman Studies Courses (GRS)

Undergraduate Courses

Greek and Roman Studies courses are designed to provide students with access to a broad range of topics dealing with ancient Greek and Roman culture at all levels. A knowledge of the Greek and Latin languages is not required for GRS courses, but interested students are strongly encouraged to begin Latin and Greek language courses as early as possible. GRS 100, 101 and 102 are designed primarily as foundational courses and are highly recommended for students in all fields of study. For courses in the Greek and Latin languages, see courses listed under GREE and LATI.

100-level courses

200-level courses

300-level courses

400-level courses

Graduate Courses

500-level courses

600-level courses

Fields of Study
Ageing (AGEI)
American Sign Language (ASL)
Anthropology (ANTH)
Art Education (AE)
Arts (ARTS)
Arts of Canada (ACAN)
Astronomy (ASTR)
Biochemistry (BIOC)
Biochemistry and Microbiology (BCMB)
Biology (BIOL)
Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Canadian Studies (CS)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Child and Youth Care (CYC)
Child and Youth Care International (CYCI)
Civil Engineering (CIVE)
Commerce (COM)
Community Development (CD)
Computer Engineering (CENG)
Computer Science (CSC)
Creative Writing (En'owkin Centre) (CW)
Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT)
Cultural Heritage Management (CH)
Curriculum and Instruction Studies (ED-P)
Curriculum and Instruction Studies (EDCI)
Digital Humanities (DHUM)
Disability Studies (DSST)
Dispute Resolution (DR)
Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS)
Economics (ECON)
Education (EDUC)
Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies (ED-D)
Electrical Engineering (ELEC)
Engineering (ENGR)
English (ENGL)
Entrepreneurship (ENT)
Entrepreneurship Certificate (ENTC)
Entrepreneurship Diploma (ENTD)
Environmental Restoration (ER)
Environmental Studies (ES)
European Studies (EUS)
Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education (EPHE)
Fine Arts (FA)
First Nations Governments and Administration (FNGA)
Forest Biology (FORB)
French (FRAN)
Geography (GEOG)
Germanic Studies (GMST)
Graduate Studies by Special Arrangement (GS)
Greek (GREE)
Greek and Roman Studies (GRS)
Health (HLTH)
Health and Society (HS)
Health Information Science (HINF)
History (HSTR)
History in Art (HA)
Human and Social Development (HSD)
Human Dimensions of Climate Change (HDCC)
Humanities (HUMA)
Indigenous Community-based Child and Youth Care (CYCB)
Indigenous Education (IED)
Indigenous Governance (IGOV)
Indigenous Health Studies (INGH)
Indigenous Studies (IS)
Intercultural Education (IET)
Interdisciplinary Arts (IA)
Interdisciplinary Program (INTD)
International Business (IB)
International Health Studies (INTS)
International Management and Organization (BUS)
Italian (ITAL)
Latin (LATI)
Latin American Studies (LAS)
Law (LAW)
Linguistics (LING)
Marine Science (MRNE)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration + Master of Engineering (MBME)
Master of Business Administration + Master of Science (CSC) (MBMS)
Master of Global Business (MGB)
Mathematics (MATH)
Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
Medical Science (MEDS)
Medieval Studies (MEDI)
Mediterranean Studies (MEST)
Microbiology (MICR)
Music (MUS)
Neuroscience (NRSC)
Nursing, Advanced Practice: Nurse Educator Option (NUED)
Nursing, Advanced Practice: Nurse Practitioner Option (NUNP)
Nursing, Advanced Practice: Nurse Leadership Option (NURA)
Nursing (NURS)
Nursing and Health Information Science (NUHI)
Nursing Policy and Practice (NURP)
Pacific and Asian Studies (PAAS)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Physics (PHYS)
Political Science (POLI)
Portuguese (PORT)
Psychology (PSYC)
Public Administration (ADMN)
Public Administration Dispute Resolution (PADR)
Public Health and Social Policy (PHSP)
Religious Studies (RS)
Science (SCIE)
Service Management (SMGT)
Slavic Studies (SLST)
Social Dimensions of Health (SDH)
Social Justice Studies (SJS)
Social Sciences (SOSC)
Social Work (SOCW)
Sociology (SOCI)
Software Engineering (SENG)
Spanish (SPAN)
Statistics (STAT)
Technology and Society (TS)
Theatre (THEA)
Visual Arts (ART)
Women's Studies (WS)
Writing (WRIT)
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