Geography Courses (GEOG)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 Geography for Today
101A Environment, Society and Sustainability
101B Introduction to Human Geography
103 Introduction to Physical Geography

200-level courses
209 Introduction to Environmental Management
211 Political and Economic Geography
218 Social and Cultural Geography
222 Introduction to Maps and GIS
226 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Geography
228 Introduction to Remote Sensing
252 Introduction to Coastal Geography
272 Introduction to Climatology and Hydrology
274 Introduction to Biogeography
276 Introduction to Geomorphology
288 World Regional Geography

300-level courses
301 Environmental Impact Assessment
303 Conservation and Ecology of Whales
304 Coastal Conservation
306 Geography of Canada
308 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
309 Geography of British Columbia
314 Global Environment Change and Human Response
315 Geocaching
319 Remote Sensing of the Environment
322 Digital Remote Sensing
323 Cartography
324 Directions in Geography
325 Field Surveying
327 Research Methods in Human Geography
328 GIS Analysis
329 GIS Applications and Tools
332 Urban Development in the Global South
339 Disaster Management and Community Resilience
340 Geographies of the North American City
346 Geographies of Environment and Health
347B Geographies of Development
353 Coastal and Marine Resources
355 Coastal Communities
357 Parks and Protected Areas
358 Landscape Ecology
366 Medical Geographies
370 Hydrology
371 Water Resources Management
373 Applied Climatology
376 Process Geomorphology
382 Geography of Southeast Asia
383 Physical and Cultural Geography of China
386 Contemporary Geopolitics
388 Regional Studies
391 Topics in Geography

400-level courses
404 Space and Power
406 Sustainable Cities
407 Activism and Community-Based Planning
418 Advanced Spatial Analysis and Geo-statistics
420 Field Studies in Coastal Geomatics
422 Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing
424 Field Studies in Coastal Geomorphology
428 Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Sciences
438 Aquaculture in British Columbia
448 Urban Social Geographies
450 Environment and Sustainability in Practice
453 Field Studies in Coastal and Marine Resources
456 Wildlife Conservation
457 Marine Protected Areas
474 Field Studies in Biogeography
476 Advanced Studies in Geomorphology
477 Field Studies in Physical Geography
484 Advanced Studies in Weather and Climate
487 Advanced Landscape Ecology
490 Directed Studies in Geography
491 Advanced Topics in Geography
499A Honours Thesis
499B Honours Thesis

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500A Geographical Research Approaches
500B Research Design in Geography
518 Advanced Spatial Analysis and Spatial Statistics
520 Introductory GIS for Graduate Research
523 Qualitative Methods in Human Geography
524 Advanced Quantitative Methods
536 Advanced Seminar in Human Geography
537 Advanced Seminar in Physical Geography
538 Advanced Seminar in Geomatics
539 Advanced Seminar in Resource Management
546 Advanced Topics in Human Geography
547 Advanced Topics in Physical Geography
548 Advanced Topics in Geomatics
549 Advanced Topics in Resource Management
590 Directed Studies in Geography
591 Advanced Topics in Geography
599 MA, MSc Thesis

600-level courses
693 Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation