Faculty of Humanities : Faculty Program Requirements
Please refer to the general regulations pertaining to Co-operative Education Programs of the University of Victoria governing all co-operative education students.
Students participating in the Humanities Work Experience Program will complete one or two work experience terms, that is, four to eight months of full-time, discipline-related work under the supervision of the Humanities and Fine Arts Co-op Program. These work experience terms are subject to the general regulations for Undergraduate Co-op programs in the University Calendar, with the exception that Work Term Credit By Challenge is not permitted. Work Experience students may transfer to a regular Co-op program, subject to approval from the Co-op Coordinator. Participation in this program is limited. Students should contact the Humanities and Fine Arts Co-op office to discuss entry into this program.
In the first year of their program students must take HUMA 100, a credit seminar, and HUMA 010, a brief non-credit orientation seminar. To remain in the program and to graduate in the program, diploma candidates must maintain a grade point average of at least 4.0.