UVic students may receive exchange credit to a maximum of 15 units (7.5 units per exchange term), or other limit as approved by a faculty and the Senate, for course work completed on an exchange program established by a signed agreement between the University and another institution. The exchange credits are treated as UVic course credits in determining academic standing and whether the student has met the minimum requirements for graduation and the student’s standing at graduation. Students who participate in an exchange program should be aware that normally 18 units of the required minimum 21 senior units should be completed at UVic.
Courses completed on approved exchange programs are entered on the student’s UVic academic record as exchange credit. Letter grades are not assigned; a "COM" (for courses with a passing grade) or a "F" (for courses with a failing or incomplete grade) is recorded for each recognized exchange course. In instances where no direct UVic equivalent course exists, non-specific level credit will be assigned and recorded on the transcript. The UVic transcript will also indicate that the courses were completed on an exchange program at another institution. Exchange credit may not be recognized for all courses.
Students interested in applying for a UVic International Exchange Program should complete the UVic International Exchange Program application, the Proposed Study Plan form and the Budget Worksheet, which are available at <www.uvic.ca/international>. Information sessions are held throughout the year to accommodate the February and August application deadlines.
Before leaving on an exchange program, each student must complete the Official Exchange Contract, Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact Information form. Students should be aware that they could be unable to register in some or all of the exchange courses they plan to take at the exchange institution due to timetable conflicts or course cancellation.
On completion of the exchange, students must request the host institution forward an official transcript directly to UVic International Student Services. It is the student's responsibility to obtain all course descriptions, course outlines and syllabuses, including the contact hours per course. In addition, a notarized translation of documents issued in a language other than English will be required for all but language courses. To complete exchange course evaluations, students may be requested to submit additional supplementary documentation (e.g. completed assignments, course texts). The determination of UVic course equivalencies will not proceed until the above-noted official transcript and documentation are received. Exchange credit is not guaranteed for all courses.
Policies and procedures may differ for exchange programs administered by individual academic units. Students in the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Human and Social Development and the Faculty of Law should consult their faculty.