Philosophy Courses (PHIL)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses in the 100 series are broader in scope than those in the 200 series, but neither type should present any difficulty for the beginner. Both types are recommended for students in any program, whether they plan to continue in Philosophy or not, and may be taken in any year; e.g., courses in the 200 series may be taken in the first as well as in later years. Other courses in Philosophy may be taken by satisfying the listed prerequisites or with permission of the department.

100-level courses
100 Introduction to Philosophy
173 Reasoning in the Sciences and Engineering

200-level courses
201 Critical Thinking
203 Elementary Formal Logic
207A Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
208 Introduction to Islamic Philosophy
210 Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy
211 Introduction to Existentialism
220 Introduction to Philosophy of Science
223 Introduction to Philosophy of the Social Sciences
225 Death and Dying
232 Moral Problems of Contemporary Society
235 Ethics of Violence, War and Terrorism
236 Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
238 Philosophy in Literature
239 Philosophy and Feminism
240 Introduction to Philosophy of Art
251 Knowledge, Certainty and Skepticism
252 Introduction to Metaphysics
260 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
261 Philosophy of Religion
290 Introduction to Selected Topics

300-level courses
301 Plato
303 Aristotle
305A Early Medieval Philosophy
305B Later Medieval Philosophy
306 The Rationalists
308 The Empiricists
309 Kant
311 Existentialist Thinkers
314 19th-Century Philosophy
316 History of Analytic Philosophy
321 Philosophy of Medicine
330 Professional and Business Ethics
331 Biomedical Ethics
333 Philosophy and the Environment
335 Contemporary Moral Philosophy
336 Philosophy of Law
337 Ethics: Theory and Practice
338 Meta-ethics
339 Theories of Justice
351 Epistemology
352 Metaphysics
354 Philosophy of Language
356 Philosophy of Science
358 Theory of Perception
360 Philosophy and Film
362 Philosophy of Mind
370 Theoretical Logic
371 Logic
375 Philosophy of Mathematics
379 Early Greek Thought
383 The Life and Times of Socrates
390 Topics in Philosophy
391 Directed Studies in Philosophy

400-level courses
420 Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Science
424 Advanced Studies in Ancient Philosophy
425 Advanced Studies in Plato
426 Major Figures in Ancient Philosophy
427 Advanced Studies in Early Modern Philosophy
430 Advanced Ethics
431 Advanced Biomedical Ethics
433 Advanced Social and Political Philosophy
436 Advanced Philosophy of Law
440 Advanced Aesthetics
450 Advanced Metaphysics
451 Advanced Epistemology
453 Advanced Theory of Perception
460 Advanced Philosophy of Mind
462 Advanced Philosophy of Language
490 Advanced Topics in Philosophy
491 Directed Studies in Philosophical Topics

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Topics in Philosophy
514 Topics in Philosophy of Mind
521 Topics in Philosophy of Science
530 Topics in Logic
533 Topics in Applied Philosophy
534 Topics in Ethics
535 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
541 Topics in Aesthetics
551 Topics in Epistemology
552 Topics in Metaphysics
561 Topics in Philosophy of Language
570 Topics in Logic
590 Directed Studies
591 Research Methods Seminar
592 Professional Development Practicum
598 Major Research Project

600-level courses
693 Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation