Courses of Instruction

This section presents the descriptions of all courses offered at the University of Victoria. Courses are listed in alphabetical order by course abbreviation (BIOL, ENGL). The course abbreviations for all courses offered within each faculty are listed in Courses by Faculty. A list of the course abbreviations and their corresponding subject areas is presented in Courses by Subject Areas.

Please note that not all courses listed are necessarily offered every year; students should consult the department or faculty concerned. Registration and current timetable information is also available on the web at

Students must ensure that they are familiar with the program requirements and restrictions noted in the entry for each academic unit.

Fields of Study
ACAN Arts of Canada
ADMN Public Administration
AE Art Education
AGEI Ageing
AHVS Art History and Visual Studies
ANTH Anthropology
ART Visual Arts
ASL American Sign Language
ASTR Astronomy
BCMB Biochemistry and Microbiology
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BME Biomedical Engineering
BUS International Management and Organization
CD Community Development
CH Cultural Heritage Management
CHEM Chemistry
CIVE Civil Engineering
COM Commerce
CS Canadian Studies
CSC Computer Science
CSPT Cultural, Social and Political Thought
CW Creative Writing (En'owkin Centre)
CYC Child and Youth Care
CYCB Indigenous Community-based Child and Youth Care
CYCI Child and Youth Care International
DHUM Digital Humanities
DR Dispute Resolution
DSST Disability Studies
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECON Economics
ED-D Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
ED-P Curriculum and Instruction Studies
EDCI Curriculum and Instruction Studies
EDUC Education
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENT Entrepreneurship
EOS Earth and Ocean Sciences
EPHE Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education
ER Environmental Restoration
ES Environmental Studies
EUS European Studies
FA Fine Arts
FORB Forest Biology
FRAN French
GDS Global Development Studies
GEOG Geography
GMST Germanic Studies
GNDR Gender Studies
GREE Greek
GRS Greek and Roman Studies
GS Graduate Studies by Special Arrangement
HDCC Human Dimensions of Climate Change
HINF Health Information Science
HLTH Health
HS Health and Society
HSD Human and Social Development
HSTR History
HUMA Humanities
IA Interdisciplinary Arts
IB International Business
ICDG Indigenous Community Development and Governance
IED Indigenous Education
IGOV Indigenous Governance
IN Indigenous Nationhood
INGH Indigenous Health Studies
INTD Interdisciplinary Program
INTS International Health Studies
IS Indigenous Studies
ISP Intercultural Studies
ITAL Italian
LAS Latin American Studies
LATI Latin
LING Linguistics
MATH Mathematics
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBME Master of Business Administration + Master of Engineering
MBMS Master of Business Administration + Master of Science (CSC)
MECH Mechanical Engineering
MEDI Medieval Studies
MEDS Medical Science
MGB Master of Global Business
MICR Microbiology
MRNE Marine Science
MUS Music
NRSC Neuroscience
NUED Nursing, Advanced Practice: Nurse Educator Option
NUHI Nursing and Health Information Science
NUNP Nursing, Advanced Practice: Nurse Practitioner Option
NURA Nursing, Advanced Practice: Nurse Leadership Option
NURP Nursing Policy and Practice
NURS Nursing
PAAS Pacific and Asian Studies
PADR Public Administration Dispute Resolution
PHIL Philosophy
PHSP Public Health and Social Policy
PHYS Physics
POLI Political Science
PORT Portuguese
PSYC Psychology
RS Religious Studies
SCIE Science
SDH Social Dimensions of Health
SENG Software Engineering
SJS Social Justice Studies
SLST Slavic Studies
SMGT Service Management
SOCI Sociology
SOCW Social Work
SOSC Social Sciences
SPAN Spanish
SPP Studies in Policy and Practice
STAT Statistics
THEA Theatre
TS Technology and Society
VIRS Visiting International Research Studies
WRIT Writing