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UVic's Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy

On May 19, 2017, UVic’s Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy comes into effect. The main contact for this policy is the Sexual Violence Intake and Resource Office, located in UVic’s Equity and Human Rights office. We are here for students, faculty and staff of all genders impacted by sexualized violence.

We believe that survivors and those impacted by sexualized violence should guide the process. We are here to connect you with support and provide information on your options. For immediate help:

1. Contact Campus Security in an emergency (phone 9-1-1 or 250-721-7599)
2. Call the Intake Office to schedule an appointment at 250-721-8786

Welcome to UVic Equity and Human Rights!

The Equity and Human Rights (EQHR) office provides leadership in the development and coordination of plans, policies and procedures which support the University's organizational and legislative commitments to provide equitable access to and participation in employment and educational opportunities. This includes the development and implementation of educational programs, investigating human rights complaints, assisting with dispute resolution, providing consultation on implementing equity plans and advising the University on reaching its strategic goals in these areas.

Our office is located in the Sedgewick Building C wing - C115.


Employment Equity Plan
Human Rights Education Volunteers
Promoting inclusive, respectful and welcoming environments on campus.
Religious Observances
Employees and students may request time off for religious observances.

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