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About Stewardship Tools

First Nations are rapidly building stewardship office capacity in BC, investing in new staff, training, equipment and software.

Stewardship officers and managers, whether dealing with fisheries, forestry, mining, tourism or energy projects, need tools to gather information and communicate with (1) government/proponents and (2) their members.

At the heart of the Stewardship Tools is a Community Information System, system for tracking traditional use data (from Use and Occupancy interviews) data and proposals (or as the BC government calls them: referrals).

The image to the right is of a typical multi-page report describing a proposed project. A stewardship manager uses this web-based tool to track status, communication and files, and she uses the tool to run queries and generate in-depth reports.

The stewardship tools being researched and developed in this Project are software-based, but also involved hardware (e.g. mobile data collection) and networks (e.g. distributed spatial databases).

Here are some of our core research questions:

  • How can the existing tools and the work-flow around these tools be more efficient?
  • How can the tools better match protocols and procedures?
  • How can the spatial queries and map reports be more informative?
  • How can mobile devices input data into the system?
  • How can these systems expand to collect and report on more ecosystem variables?
  • How can we leverage these systems for use in language revitalization, education, community well-being, and treaty negotiations?

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FNST is a collaboration between the University of Victoria's Department of Geography and Department of Computer Science.

Contact: Dr Charles Burnett, Project Coordinator,

Research leads: Prof Yvonne Coady and Prof Rosaline Canessa

UVic Labs

Coastal and Oceans Resources Analysis Laboratory (Geography) and MOD(ularity) Squad (Computer Science)

First Nation Partners

Industry Partners

Community Partners


Coast Opportunity Funds, Coastal First Nations and MITACS Accelerate


Project management website:

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