Bev Glover Greenhouse Research Facility

The Forest Biology greenhouse research facility officially opened April 10, 2002.

The one-level, 603-square metre facility houses six computerized climate-controlled greenhouses to support the ongoing work of the Centre for Forest Biology - one of the few research units in B.C. that focuses on forest regeneration processes from seed production through to early stand development. Research areas include tree reproductive biology, embryogenesis, genetics, disease and stress resistance, and tree physiology. The greenhouse facility mimics - on a much smaller scale - the high-tech growth environments used by the forest industry to nurture tree seedlings. Environmental variables to be controlled will include light, temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity. Two larger rooms feature a nutrient mixing system, and black-out curtains. A service area adjacent to the greenhouses contains 16 growth chambers as well as facilities for plant propagation, handling and harvest.

The Centre's six faculty members, along with postdoctoral and graduate students, work closely with local forest companies, forest nursery managers, government and industry seed orchards, and biotechnology companies to enhance seedling care and survival before, during and after replanting in the forests.

The project was funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the B.C. Knowledge Development Fund, UVic and the private sector.


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