Research Groups

Peter Constabel -Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Ecology of Herbivore  Defense and Phenolic Metabolism in Trees

Research Group:  Marta, Fontbote, Gerry Gourlay, David (Dawei) Ma, (graduate students); Dr. C. Fellenberg (post-doctoral fellow), Dr Lynn Yip (Research Associate),

Juergen Ehlting -Functional Genomics of Plant Natural Products

Research Group: Yuriko Carrington, Cuong Le, Lan Tran, Jessica Wyatt (graduate students);

Barbara Hawkins - Mineral nutrition and cold tolerance of tree seedlings

Research Group: Juan Aldana, Kennedy Boateng, Marie Girard-Martel, Ramnique Ubhi (graduate students); Dr. David Noshad (Visiting Scientist)

Will Hintz -  Fungal Genetics and Molecular Biology

Research Group:  Malcolm Cowan (graduate students) Dr. P. de la Bastide, Terrie Finston, Jon Leblanc (Research Associates)

Real Roy - Molecular Biology and Microbial Ecology of Soil

Research Group (graduate student)

Patrick von Aderkas - Embryogenesis, water relations of embryos, and in vitro fertilization

Research Group: Andrea Coulter, Marie Vance (graduate students); Dr. Lisheng Kong (Research Associate)


 Research Facilities