Forest Biology Graduate Students

PhD Students


Juan Aldana

The genetic basis of resistance mechanisms to cedar leaf blight (Didymascella thujina) in western redcedar (Thuja plicata) populations

Supervisors: Drs. B. Hawkins and J. Russell

Kennedy Boateng

 Genetics, chemical and nutritional resistance of Red Alder (Alnus rubra) to insects and pathogens

Supervisors: Drs. B.J. Hawkins and C.P. Constabel



Gerry (Holmes) Gourlay

Antioxidant activity of condensed tanning in poplar

Supervisors: Drs. C.P. Constabel and B.J. Hawkins

Yuriko Carrington

The biochemistry and evolution of the dehydroquinate dehydratase/shikimate dehydrogenase (DHQD/SDH) gene family in plants

Supervisors:  Drs. J. Ehlting and C.P. Constabel


Marta Fontbote

 Identification of MBW-interacting protein for induction of tannins in poplar

Supervisor: Dr. C.P. Constabel


Cuong Le

 Natural variation of soluble phenolic compounds in poplar

Supervisors: Drs. C. Borchers and J. Ehlting



David (Dawei) Ma

Characterization of MYB repressor-like genes in transgenic poplar

Supervisors: Drs. C.P. Constabel and J. Ehlting

Marie Girard-Martel

Characterization of Western White Pine (Pinus monticola) candidate genes for resistance to the Blister Rust Fungus Cronartium ribicola.

Supervisors: Drs. B.J. Hawkins and A. Ekramoddoullah

Marie Vance

Genetic variation and genetic structure within and among populations of subalpine larch (Larix lyallii).

Supervisors: Drs. P. von Aderkas and B. Hawkins


 Jessica Wyatt

Swiss-needle cast (SNC): an emerging threat to Douglas-fir forests

Supervisor: Dr. J. Ehlting





MSc Students


Cowan, Malcolm

Supervisor: Dr. W. Hintz




 Rande Kanne


Supervisors: Drs. B. Hawkins and G. Allen




 2014-2015 Fellowships and Awards

NSERC PGS Fellowship (2014-2017) - Marie Vance (PhD student - von Aderkas Lab)

Amelia Leith Memorial Fellowship - Gerry Gourlay, Kennedy Boateng

M.C. Melburn Award - Marie Vance

UVic Outstanding Grad Entrance Award - Gerry Gourlay, Marta Fontbote