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Laj is a program that can be used to generate interactive WWW archives of comparative genomic alignments (ref).  Laj  displays a dot-plot, a percent identity plot (PIP), and a variety of relevant annotations.

You can use Laj to annotate and display comparative genomic alignments over the internet or to a to view alignments obtained using (Multi)PipMaker or blastZ

Laj is available at, along with thorough on-line documentation and additional examples of annotated genomic regions.

We have used Laj to interactively display the following alignments:

1) ACHE/HRBL region of chromosome 7q22 and the orthologous region in mouse.  publication

2) A human to mouse comparative analysis of ERCC1 locuspublication

3) A human to mouse comparative analysis of hyaluronidase genes HYAL2, HYAL1 and HYAL3publication

4) Comparative analysis of Mater, a maternal effect gene that is essential for early embryonic development in micepublication

5) Analysis of the paired immunoglobin-like receptor locus at 7q22publication.

Updated June 2007.
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