Languages, Resources, Cultures... August 12 - 16, 1997, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
Foreign Language Education
and Technology

Proceedings of the Third Conference

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Alphabetical List of Articles and Contributing Authors

JavaScript in Language Teaching Web Sites
Martin Beaudoin

Evaluating a Web-based Generic Second
Language/Culture Methodology Course
Stephen Carey and Elizabeth Crittenden

Bidirectional Language Learning Using
Student-Centered Interactive Multimedia
Ernie Chang

The 5,000 Mile Classroom:
Increasing Intercultural Understanding and
Language Skills Through Technology
Stephen K. Clark and Madeline M. Keaveney

The IALL Foreign Language Software Database
Otmar Foelsche

A Concept and Format of Multimedia Integrated
Language Learning Environment
Shoichi Fujikake and Noriko Aotani

Bridging the Gap:
Delivering Distance Education Courses on the Web
Peter Gölz

Talking About Myself on the Internet:
A Survey on Students' Experience with the Internet
Keiko Hayasaka, Machiko Horiuchi and Midori Yoshida

An Exploratory Learning Tool for
German Word Order
Archana Hinduja and Christoph Zähner

A French Language Grammar Analyzer:
What Use for Anglophone Students?
Glyn Holmes and Nadine de Moras

Approaches to Marking Electronic Texts
Martin Holmes

Writing Summaries of Documentary News
Programs in Listening Comprehension Practice
Yumiko Imai and Yasuyo Edasawa

Administering SRA Activities for the
Reading Class Using HyperCard and a
Computer Network System
Hiromi Imamura, Margaret Pereira and Shuji Ozeki

Computer-Assisted Writing in CALL
Chiaki Iwai

Developing Fluency in
Second Language Narratives
Chieko Kawauchi

Lotus and Rose:
WWW-based Soap Operas and the
Subversive Teaching of English
Ken Keobke

Obstacles to the Implementation of
CALL in the Curriculum
Marilyn E. Kidd

Using the Information Superhighway:
Resources for Linguistics, Language Teaching
and Communication
Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao

QTKanji and KanjiQuiz for
Japanese Language Learning
Saeko Komori, Miki Ueda and Robert Smitheram

Chicago Maya and MacNorsk II: A Tale of
Two Software Development Projects
(Original Construction vs. Prefab)
Karen L. Landahl, Barbara Need and Mike Ziolkowski

An Analysis of Listening Comprehension
Abilities of Japanese and Korean
High School Students
Terry Laskowski, Masayoshi Kinoshita, Kazuhito Ishii,
Atsushi Ohtsu, Megumi Kawajiri, Hiroshi Shimatani and Yoshiro Takanashi

Beyond Scrolling Status Bars:
JavaScript for Language Learning
Douglas Mills and Michael Lindeman

Reversing a Trend: A New Direction for
Second Language Technology
Garold L. Murray

The Effect of Charades:
An Experiment for Active Dialog
Yoshinobu Niwa

Teaching Japanese to Asian Learners
Using Browsers and HTML
Kiyoshi Ogawa and Yumie Natsuga

Collaborative Learning
Using Interactive Webpages
Seiko Oguri and Shuji Ozeki

A Poor Man's Server: A Key to
Successful Transition to Computerization
Norio Ota

Languages at the Center of the University
Bob Powell

The Multimedia Production Experience:
From Ideas to CD-ROM
Brian Powell

Multimedia in Language Instruction:
Challenges and Solutions
Jörg Roche

Teaching Inferencing Strategy for
Listening Comprehension
Keiko Sato and Motoko Sone

Teaching the Previous fin de siècle with the
Help of Current fin de siècle Technology
Gary Smith

Assessment of Internet Functions as
Tools for EFL
Chizuko Suzuki, Julie Keaten-Reed, Masatomo Oji,
John Baldridge, Kouichi Nozaki, Francis Noji, Yukiyasu Ishigami,
Janice Cook and Steven Singer

Functional and Phonetic Analyses of
Connective Words Between
Japanese Students and Native Teachers of English
Masatoshi Tabuki and Yuji Okuda

Development of Courseware for Effectively
Teaching Vocabulary to EFL Students
Junko Takefuta and Yukio Takefuta

A Closed Caption Database for
Language Learning
Yutaka Tsutsumi and Ryoji Matsuno

Reading Strategies of EFL Learners in Japan
Natsumi Wakamoto, Yasuyo Edasawa, Minako Fukuchi,
Shuhei Kadota, Yoshiko Nakanishi, Judy Noguchi and Iwao Umeda

An Empirical Study of Computer-Assisted
Class Discussion: Effects on
Social Interaction and Group Dynamics
Xinchun Wang and Rebecca Hurst

Accessible Authenticity:
Using Internet Resourceswith School
Foreign Language Learners in Difficulty
David R. Wilson

Developing and Evaluating a
Multimedia CALL Software System
Shinsuke Yoshida, Haruyo Yoshida, Hiroshi Mine, Namie Saeki,
Osamu Takeuchi and Toshiyuki Kawano
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