Instructions for Greek Athenaze Exercises

These exercises are designed for modern Web browsers. In order for them to work correctly, you will need an appropriate operating system and browser combination. The browser and OS must support Unicode (an advanced standardized system for representing all human languages), and current WWW standards (XHTML 1.1 and JavaScript).

These are the basic requirements:

*NOTE: if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 for Windows, and you see a message warning you that an exercise may not work, try it anyway; IE 5.5 can often handle the exercises if it has been fully updated.

Older versions of the Macintosh operating system do not provide effective support for Unicode, and neither do older Windows versions such as Windows95, 98 or ME.

To check whether your system works correctly, look at the two items below. One is a picture of what you SHOULD see; the other is some actual text. The text should be similar to the picture; it may not be identical in appearance or style (a different font may be used), but all the Greek characters and diacritics should be the same:



o anthropos ὁ ἄνθρωπος 
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