3.3: Grammar - 'Amust and 'Amustham'sh

give-vb (4K)

The verb 'amust means "give (hand) him / her". Endings, or suffixes, can be added for the person who receives the thing, so 'amustham'sh means "give me".

The thing which is given can be added. When it is, it is introduced by the preposition 'u.

Tth'ihwum ch 'i' 'amustham'sh 'u tthu situn. "Please give me the basket."
Tth'ihwum ch 'i' 'amust thu Mary 'u tthu xul'tun. "Please give Mary the pencil."
Tth'ihwum ch 'i' 'amust tthu John 'u tthu q'uluts'tun. "Please give John the umbrella."

Note that proper names in Hul'q'umi'num' must be preceded by articles, as in thu Mary and tthu John above. We will discuss these articles, and others, more fully in Lessons Five and Six. For now, use thu before female names and tthu before male names.