3.5: Grammar - "Is this a ...?"

book-wb (3K)
bowl-vb (2K)
basket-vb (6K)
box-b (2K)
  • A- Poukw 'u tu'i?
Is this a book?
  • B- Hee'. Poukw tthey'.
Yes. That is a book.
  • A- Qwthalus 'u tu'i?
Is this a serving bowl?
  • B- Hee'. Qwthalus tthey'.
Yes. That is a serving bowl.
  • A- S'unum 'u tu'i?
Is this a spear?
  • B- 'Uwu*. Situn p'e' tthey'.
No. That indeed is a basket.
  • A- Xul'tun 'u tu'i?
Is this a pencil?
  • B- 'Uwu. Xthum p'e' tthey'.
No. That is indeed a box.

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write 'uw-wu. However, we will spell this word 'uwu throughout these lessons.