5.4: Grammar - Possessives: nu and 'un'

hat-vb (1K)
sweater (2K)
jacket-wb (5K)
  • A- Ni' 'untsu kwthunu yasa'qw?
Where is my hat?
  • B- 'E'ut tthun' yasa'qw.
Your hat is here.
  • A- Ni' 'untsu kwthun' swetu?
Where is your sweater?
  • B- 'E'ut thunu swetu.
My sweater is here.
  • A- Ni' 'untsu kwthunu kupou?
Where is my coat?
  • B- 'E'ut tthun' kupou.
Your coat is here.

The first person singular possessive is nu "my". The second person singular possessive is 'un' "your". The possessives nu and 'un' follow the article tthu when referring to a possession that is in view and kwthu when referring to a possession that is not in view. The articles plus the possessive forms are written tthunu and tthun', kwthunu and kwthun', as this reflects their pronunciation.

Ni' 'untsu kwthunu kaa? "Where is my car?"
'E'ut tthun' kaa. "Your car is here."
Ni' 'untsu kwthun' xul'tun? "Where is your pencil?"
'E'ut tthunu xul'tun. "My pencil is here."