6.5: Grammar - Proper Nouns (Names)

man-vb (1K)
woman-vb (1K)
talk-r (2K)
  • A- Ni' 'untsu kwthu John?
Where is John?
  • B- 'E'ut 'i 'u tu'i tthu John.
John is here.
  • A- Ni' 'untsu lhu Mary?
Where is Mary?
  • B- 'E'uth 'i 'u tu'i thu Mary.
Mary is here.
  • A- Ni' 'untsu lhu Ethel?
Where is Ethel?
  • B- Na'uth thu Ethel.
Ethel is there.

As noted in Lesson 3, articles are used with proper nouns in Hul'q'umi'num'. Use tthu and kwthu with male names and thu and lhu with female names.

Ni' t'ilum kwthu John. John (out of sight) sang.
Ni' t'ilum lhu Mary. Mary (out of sight) sang.