7.5: Grammar - The Prefix tl'

Placenames and a few other places, such as store and town take the prefix tl', meaning 'go to'.

rez-vb (5K)
bay-vb (2K)
shop-vb (4K)
town-vb (2K)
Kwa'mutsun Quamichan tl'Kwa'mutsun go to Quamichan
Lhumlhumuluts' Clemclemaluts tl'Lhumlhumuluts' go to Clemclemaluts
Qw'umi'yiqun* Komiakin tl'Qw'umi'yiqun go to Komiakin
S'amuna'* Somena tl'S'amuna' go to Somena
Tl'ulpalus Kilpahlis
(Cowichan Bay)
tl'Tl'ulpalus go to Kilpahlis
Xinupsum Khenipsen
(Green Point)
tl'Xinupsum go to Khenipsen
Xwulqw'selu Koksilah tl'Xwulqw'selu go to Koksilah
shhwimelu store tl'shhwimelu go to the store
tawun town tl'tawun go to town

These words are actually verbs, so you do not need to include nem' "go".

Ni' nem' tl'Tl'ulpalus lhunu ten. My mother went to Kilpahlis.
Ni' tl'Tl'ulpalus lhunu ten. My mother went to Kilpahlis.

Most places which are not names do not take this tl' prefix.

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write Qw'umiyiqun' and S-amuna'. However, we will spell these words as in the table above in these lessons.