3.3: Vocabulary - Making Words with the Suffix -tun

The suffix -tun appears on many nouns that name objects that are used as instruments.

write-vb (2K) xul'um write, mark pencil-vb (1K) xul'tun pen, pencil, chalk, crayon
sit-down-vb (2K) hwts'e'nutsum sit chair-vb (2K) shts'e'nutstun chair
tailor-vb (4K) p'etth'ut sew it needle-vb (2K) p'utth'tun needle
cover-it-vb (3K) luxwut cover it carpet-vb (2K) luxwtun blanket
floatup-vb (2K) p'ukw float up buoy-vb (2K) p'ukwten float, buoy
puptent (4K) q'uluts't shelter it umbrella-vb (1K) q'uluts'tun umbrella, shelter