7.1: Vocabulary - Kinship Terms

mother-vb (2K) ten mother father-vb (1K) men father
child-vb (7K) mun'u son / daughter children-vb (5K) me'mun'u sons / daughters
grandparent2-vb (1K) si'lu grandparent,
grandparent's sibling, grandparent's cousin
granparents-vb (2K) sul'si'lu grandparents,
grandparent's siblings, grandparent's cousins
boy-vb (3K) 'imuth grandchild,
grandniece, grandnephew, cousin's grandchild
children2-vb (5K) 'um'imuth grandchildren,
grandnieces, grandnephews, cousin's grandchildren
older-sibling-vb (5K) shuyulh older brother / sister / cousin older-siblings-vb (3K) shushiyulh older brothers / sisters / cousins
younger-sibling-vb (5K) sqe'uq younger brother / sister / cousin younger-siblings-vb (5K) squle'uq younger brothers / sisters / cousins
couple-vb (2K) sta'lus spouse (husband / wife)

Many Hul'q'umi'num' kinship terms are generational. That is, they name all of the close relatives of the same generation. So sqe'uq not only means your younger brother or sister, but also your cousins (on both sides of the family) whose parent is the younger brother or sister of your parent. Shuyulh works the same way, meaning not only your older brother or sister, but also your cousins whose parent is the older brother or sister of your parent. Si'lu not only means your grandparents, but also your grandparents' brothers and sisters and cousins.