7.12: Vocabulary - Buildings

The lexical suffix -'ew't-hw can be added to a word to form a word for "house", "building", or "room".

hotel-vb.gif 'itutew't-hw hotel sleep-vb.gif 'itut sleep
restaurant-vb.gif 'ulhtunew't-hw restaurant eat-vb.gif 'ulhtun eat
toilet-vb.gif 'umutew't-hw bathroom sit-vb.gif 'umut sit
cellar-vb.gif qewthew't-hw root cellar potato-vb.gif sqewth potato
hospital-vb.gif q'aq'i'ew't-hw hospital hospital-vb.gif q'aq'i' sick
school-vb.gif skwoulew't-hw schoolhouse class-vb.gif skwoul school
bank-vb.gif telew't-hw bank money-vb.gif telu money
bighouse-vb.gif theew't-hw bighouse big-vb.gif thi big
church-vb.gif t'i'wi'ulhew't-hw church pray-vb.gif t'i'wi'ulh pray
workshop-vb.gif yaaysew't-hw workroom, toolhouse, workshop work-vb.gif yaays work

Note: In these lessons, a dash is always used in spelling the suffix -ew't-hw. This is to show that the [t] sound is pronounced separately from the following [hw] sound.