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left bracket right bracket slash
a: 0061 alpha: 0251 turned alpha: 0252 ash (ae): 00E6 nasal a: 0061-02DC nasal alpha: 0251-02DC nasal turned alpha: 0252-02DC nasal ash (ae):00E6-02DC vl a: 0061-vl vl alpha: 0251-vl  vl turned alpha: 0252-vl vl ash (ae): 00E6-vl a with nasal hook: 0105 small turned a: 0250
b: 0062 hooktop b: 0253 beta: 03B2 small B: 0299 c: 0063 c cedilla: 00E7 c curly tail: 0255 c hacek: 010D
d: 0064 eth: 00F0 hooktop d: 0257 d right tail: 0256 d-eszh digraph: 02A4
e: 0065 schwa: 0259 epsilon: 025B reversed epsilon: 025C schwa + rhotic: 025A closed reversed epsilon; 025E nasal e: 0065-02DC nasal schwa: 0259-02DC nasal epsilon: 025B-02DC nasal reversed epsilon: 025C-02DC vl e: 0065-vl vl schwa: 0259-vl vl epsilon:025B-vl vl reversed epsilon: 025C-vl e with nasal hook: 0119
reversed e: 0258 f: 0066 g: 0067 hooktop g: 0260 small G: 0262 small hooktop G: 029B
h: 0068 superscript h: 02B0 hooktop h: 0266 hooked heng: 0267 crossed h: 0127 turned h: 0265 small H: 029C
i: 0069 small I: 026A barred i: 0268 i dotless: 0131 nasal i: 0069-02DC nasal small I: 026A-02DC nasal barred i: 0268-02DC nasal dotless i: 0131-02DC vl i: 0069-vl vl small I: 026A-vl vl barred i: 0268-vl i with nasal hook: 012F
j: 006A superscript j barred dotless j: 025F curly tail j: 029D hooktop barred dotless j: 0286 j hacek: 006A-02C5 vl j: 006A-vl
k: 006B l: 006C superscript l: 02E1 curly tail l: 026D belted l: 026C l with tilde: 026B l-eszh digraph: 026E small L: 029F syllabic l: 006C-02CC vl l: 006C-vl dental click: 01C0 alveolar lateral click: 01C1 palatoalveolar click: 01C2
m: 006D meng: 0271 syllabic m: 006D-02CC syllabic meng: 0271-02CC vl m: 006D-vl
n: 006E eng: 014b right tail n: 0273 left tail n: 0272 small N: 0274 n with tilde: 00F1 syllabic n: 006E-02CC syllabic eng: 014B-02CC syllabic right hook n: 0273-02CC syllabic left hook n: 0272-02CC vl n: 006E-vl vl eng: 0014B-vl
o: 006F open o: 0254 oe digraph: 0153 OE digraph: 0276 nasal o: 006F-02DC nasal open o: 0254-02DC nasal oe digraph: 0153-02DC nasal OE digraph: 0276-02DC o with nasal hook: 01EB
theta: 03B8
p: 0070 q: 0071 r: 0072 turned r: 0279 flap: 027E syllabic r: 0072-02CC syllabic turned r: 0279-02CC voiceless r: 0072-vl alveolar lateral flap: 027A
s: 0073 esh: 0283 t: 0074 t esh digraph: 02A7
u: 0075 upsilon: 028A turned m: 026F nasal u: 0075-02DC nasal upsilon: 028A-02DC nasal turned m: 026F-02DC vl u: 0075 vl upsilon: 028A-vl vl turned m: 026F-vl u with nasal hook: 0173 barred u: 0289
v: 0076 turned v: 028C nasal turned v: 028C-02DC cursive v: 028B gamma: 0263 ram's horns: 0264 superscript gamma: 02E0
w: 0077 superscript w: 02B7 turned m right leg: 0270 turned w: 028D x: 0078 chi: 03C7 vl w: 0077-vl
y: 0079 turned y: 028E small Y: 028F lambda: 03BB barred lambda: 019B vl y: 0079-vl
z: 007A eszh: 0292 z with curly tail: 0291 z with right tail: 0290 z with hacek: 017E
glottal stop: 0294 pharyngeal stop: 0295 barred glottal stop: 02A1 barred pharyngeal stop: 02A2 superscript pharyngeal stop: 02E4 (post)alveolar click: 0021
period: 0021 apostrophe: 2019 half length: 02D1 length: 02D0 unreleased: 031A secondary stress: 02CC primary stress: 02C8 combining caron: 032C hyphen: 002D underscore: 005F
arrow right: 2192 arrow left: 2190 extra high tone: 02E5 high tone: 02E6 mid tone: 02E7 low tone: 02E8 extra low tone: 02E9 upward diagonal arrow: 2197 downward diagonal arrow: 2198
left bracket: 005B right bracket: 005D slash: 002F
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