28.1: Vocabulary Flashcards

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arma, -ōrumarms, weapons
cursus, -ūsrunning, race, course
lūna, -aemoon
occāsiō, occāsiōnisoccasion, opportunity
parēns, parentisparent
stēlla, -aestar, planet
vesper, vesperis (or vesperī)evening, evening star
mortuus, -a, -umdead
prīnceps, prīncipischief, foremost, leader, emperor
ut + subj.in order that, so that, that, in order to, so as to, to
ut + indic.as, when,
cēdōI go, withdraw, yield to, grant, submit
dēdicōI dedicate
egeō (+ abl. or gen.)I need, want, lack
expleōI fill, fill up, complete
praestōI excel, exhibit, show, offer, supply
taceōI am silent, leave unmentioned