30.1: Vocabulary Flashcards

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honor, honōrishonour, esteem, public office
cēterī, -ae, -athe remaining, the rest, the other, all the others
quantus, -a, -umhow large, how great, how much
rīdiculus, -a, -umlaughable, ridiculous
vīvus, -a, -umalive, living
fūrtimstealthily, secretly
prīmōat first, at the beginning
undewhence, from what place, from which, from whom
bibōI drink
cognōscōI become acquainted with, learn, recognize, know
comprehendōI grasp, seize, understand, comprehend
cōnsūmōI consume, use up
dubitōI doubt, hesitate
expōnōI set forth, explain, expose
minuōI lessen, diminish
rogōI ask