37.1: Vocabulary Flash

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Athēnae, -ārumAthens
domus, -ūs (-ī)home, house
domīat home
domum(to) home
domōfrom home
humus, -ī (f.)ground, earth, soil
iter, itinerisroad, route, journey
rūs, rūristhecountry, countryside
Syrācūsae, -ārumSyracuse
absēns, absentisabsent, away
grātus, -a, -umpleasing, agreeable, grateful
idōneus, -a, -umsuitable, fit, appropriate
immōtus, -a, -umunmoved
forīsout of doors, outside
I go
abeōI go away, depart
adeōI go to, approach
exeōI go out, exit
ineōI go in, enter
obeōI go up against, meet, die
pereōI pass away, am destroyed, perish
redeōgo back, return
interficiōI kill, murder
licetit is permitted, one may
licet tibi abīreyou may leave
peregrīnorI travel abroad, wander
requiēscōI rest
soleōI am accustomed