39.1: Vocabulary Flashcards

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aedificium, -iībuilding, structure
iniūria, -aeinjustice, injury, wrong
mulier, mulieriswoman, wife
trānsitus, -ūspassing over, transit, transition
ventus, -īwind
cupidus, -a, -umdesirous, eager, fond (of)
līberālis, līberālerelating to a free person, decent, liberal
necessenecessary, inevitable
vetus, veterisold
quasias if, as it were
ambulōI walk
experiorI try, test, experience
lībōI pour a libation of, pour ritually, sip, touch gently
oportetit is proper, right, necessary
oppugnōI fight against, attack, assault, assail
ōrnōI equip, furnish, adorn, decorate
pernoctōI spend, occupy the night
trānseōI go across, cross, pass over, ignore