40.1: Vocabulary Flashcards

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aes, aerisbronze
dominus, -īmaster, lord
domina, -aemistress, lady
lacrima, -aetear
mēta, -aeturning post, goal, limit
monumentum, -īmonument
nāsus, -īnose
saxum, -īrock, stone
vultus, -ūscountenance, face, appearance, looks
iūstus, -a, -umjust, right
totso many
praeter (+ acc.)besides, except, beyond, past
'nōnne' expects the answer:'yes'
'num' expects the answer:'no'
omnīnōwholly, entirely, altogether
postrēmumafter all, finally, for the last time
quīnindeed, in fact
explicōI unfold, explain, spread out, deploy
fatīgōI weary, tire out
forI speak (prophetically), talk, foretell
opīnorI suppose
reperiōI find, discover, learn, get
vereorI show reverence for, respect, fear