2.2: Grammar - Motion Auxiliaries

Study the following pairs of sentences.

hiking-vb (4K)
busy-vb (3K)
armchair-vb (2K)
  • A- Nem' 'u ch 'umshasum'?
Are you going to go for a walk?
  • B- Hee'. Nem' tsun ('umshasum').
Yes. I am going (for a walk).
  • A- M'i* 'u ch yaays?
Are you coming to work?
  • B- Hee'. M'i tsun (yaays).
Yes. I am coming (to work).
  • A- Hwts'e'nutsum 'u ch tse'?
Will you sit down?
  • B- Hee'. Hwts'e'nutsum tsun tse'.
Yes. I will sit down.

The words nem' "go" and m'i* "come" (also pronounced hum'i ) can be placed in front of the verb.

*Note: The Cowichan Tribes write mi. However, we will spell this word m'i throughout these lessons.