2.12: Grammar - 'Un'so'

The following sentences demonstrate the use of 'un'so' to link together (conjoin) two commands.

standup-v (2K)
Lhxilush 'un'so' m'i 'ewu*.
Stand up and come here.
here-wb (2K)
sit-down-vb (2K)
Hwts'e'nutsum ch 'un'so' lhuqw'tssum.
You sit down and clap your hands.
clap (2K)
stop (3K)
'Unuhw tseep 'un'so' hwiyuneem'.
You (pl.) stop and listen.
listen-w (2K)
standup-v (2K)
Tth'ihwum ch 'i' lhxilush 'un'so' 'imush.
You please stand up and walk.
walk-vb (1K)

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write mi 'ew-wu. However, we will always spell this phrase m'i 'ewu in these lessons.