7.1: Grammar - Conversation

talk2-vb (1K)
shop-vb (2K)
bighouse-vb (2K)
talk-vb (2K)
old-woman-vb (2K)
  • A- 'I 'u 'o' 'a'mut lhun' ten?
Is your mother home?
  • B- 'Uwu* 'i'us 'a'mut lhunu ten.
My mother is not at home.
  • A- Ni' kwu'elh 'untsu?
Where is she, then?
  • B- Ni' nem' tl'shhwimelu.
She went to the store.
  • A- 'I 'u 'o' 'a'mut kwthun' men?
Is your father at home?
  • B- 'Uwu. Ni' nem' 'u kwthu theew't-hw.
No, he went to the bighouse.
  • A- 'I 'u 'o' 'a'mut lhun' shuyulh?
Is your older sister at home?
  • B- 'Uwu. Ni' tl'Mutouliye'.
No. She went to Victoria.
  • A- 'I 'u ch 'o' huy 'ul'?
Are you alone?
  • B- 'Uwu. 'I 'o' 'a'mut lhunu sil'u.
No, my grandmother is at home.

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write 'uw-wu. However, we spell this word 'uwu throughout these lessons.