7.9: Grammar - Reading Lesson

'I tsun 'o' huy 'ul' 'a'mut. Mukw' lhwet ni' 'o' huye'. Ni' yaays kwthunu men, 'i' huy lhunu ten ni' tl'tawun. Ni' nem' 'u kwthu telew't-hw yuw'en'. So' tl'shhwimelus 'iluquls 'u kw' s'ulhtuntst*. Ni' skwulookwul' kwthunu shhw'a'luqw'a'. 'I tsun kw'u'elh 'o' huy 'ul'.

house-vb (2K) construction-site-vb (1K) bank-vb (2K) shop-vb (2K) class-vb (2K)

I am the only one home. Everyone has gone. My father is at work and my mother went to town. She went to the bank first and then to the store to buy our food. My brothers and sisters are all at school. So I am alone.

Note: Shhw'a'luqw'a' means "siblings" (that is, "brothers", "sisters", or "brothers and sisters") without regard to age.

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write s-ulhtun for "food". However, we will spell this word s'ulhtun throughout these lessons.