8.2: Grammar - Practice Pairs

car2-wt (2K)
house-vb (2K)
girl-vb (3K)
  • A- Xew's 'u tthun' kaa?
Is your car new?
  • B- 'Uwu*. S'eluhw* (kwthunu kaa).
No. It (My car) is old.
  • A- Tsakw 'u kwthun' lelum'?
Is your house far away?
  • B- 'Uwu. Stutes (kwthunu lelum').
No. It (My house) is nearby.
  • A- Thi 'u lhun' sqe'uq?
Is your younger sister big?
  • B- 'Uwu. 'Uhwin' (lhunu sqe'uq).
No. She (My younger sister) is little.

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write 'uw-wu and s-eluhw, but we spell these words as in the conversation above, throughout these lessons.