8.8: Grammar - Possessives and Adjectives

When an adjective comes before a noun, the possessive forms 'un' "your" and nu "my" appear after the adjective, right before the noun.*

sweater3 (3K) Ni' 'untsu kwthunu swetu? Where is my sweater?
sweater4 (2K) Ni' 'untsu kwthu 'uy'uy'mut nu swetu? Where is my beautiful sweater?
sweater2 (3K) 'E'ut tthun' swetu. Here is your sweater.
sweater (2K) 'E'ut tthu 'uy'uy'mut 'un' swetu. Here is your beautiful sweater

*This is because these possessive forms are really prefixes on nouns. When they come right after an article, they combine with it in pronunciation, but they are prefixes in terms of grammar.