8.12: Grammar - Qualifiers and Intensifiers

You can qualify or intensify an adjective ("really big", "very slow"). Place the qualifier or intensifier before the adjective.

car2-wt (2K)
house-vb (2K)
old-man-vb (1K)
  • A- S'eluhw 'u tthun' kaa?
Is your car old?
  • B- Hee'. Nan 'o' s'eluhw (kwthunu kaa).
Yes. It (My car) is very old.
  • A- Tsakw 'u kwthun' lelum'?
Is your house far away?
  • B- 'Uwu. Tl'im' 'o' stutes (kwthunu lelum').
No. It (My house) is really close.
  • A- 'Ii 'o' 'uy' 'ul' kwthun' si'lu?
Is your grandfather well?
  • B- 'Uwu. To' q'aq'i' (kwthunu si'lu).
No. He (My grandfather) is a little sick.

Notice that the words tl'im' "really" and nan "very" are followed by 'o'.