8.19: Grammar - Reading Lesson

Nem' tsun tse' heew'u. Nem' tsun nets'uw't-hwum 'u kwthunu shuyulh. Tsakw kwthu lelum's. Ni' 'utl' Pestun. Xew's kwthu lelum's. Thi 'i' 'uy'uy'mut. Qux kwthu me'mun'us. Hith tse' kwunus ni'.

travel-vb (3K) older-brother-vb (5K) village-wb (5K) house-vb (2K) people (2K)

I am going on a trip. I am going to visit my older brother. His house is far away. He lives in the States. His house is new. It is big and beautiful. He has a lot of children. I am going to stay there a long time.