1.5: Vocabulary - Verbs

Learn the words in the table below.

walk 'imush walk
eat 'ulhtun OR xlhas
(Both words are used.)
drive 'umshasum' take a walk, go for a drive
wake up 'umut get out of bed, sit down,
go to the bathroom
stop 'unuhw stop
listen hwiyuneem' listen
sit down hwts'e'nutsum sit down
smile hwyunumus smile
stamp-foot-vb lumhwshenum stamp your feet
clap lhuqw'tssum* clap your hands
stand up lhxilush stand up
here m'i 'ewu* come here
talk qwal speak, talk
sing t'ilum sing
run xwchenum run

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes use the following alternate spellings:

However, we will spell these words as in the table above throughout these lessons.