3.9: Vocabulary - Numbers

The numbers "thirty" to "ninety" are based on the numbers "three" to "nine". Tskw'ush, "twenty", comes from the same root as kw'shem "to count".

'apun ten
tskw'ush twenty
lhuhwulhshe' thirty
xuthunlhshe' forty
lhq'utssulhshe'* fifty
t'xumulhshe' sixty
tth'ukwsulhshe' seventy
(also pronounced te'tssulhshe'*)
toohwulhshe' ninety
(also pronounced nets'uw'uts)
one hundred

*Note:   Some speakers pronounce these words lhq'utsulhshe', tutsulhshe', te'tsulhshe', as in the recordings above. However, we will spell them as in the list above, with tss, throughout these lessons. This shows that the word lhq'utssulhshe' is based on lhq'etsus, "five". Similarly, tutssulhshe' and te'tssulhshe' are based on te'tsus, "eight".